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ClinicIMPPACT | Project Workplan

ClinicIMPPACT Workplan

The project work plan is built around core developmental activities to serve the project’s main goal:
the development of the RFA simulation tool followed by its clinical validation and clinical use.

Each of these major activities encompasses a thematically focused integration of different research development and testing efforts, which requires concerted and well coordinated actions between all project partners.

To support the implementation of the core project activities, the project work is structured into 6 dedicated work packages (WPs):

WP1: Project management
WP2: RFA workflow simulation
WP3: Clinical visualization and interaction
WP4: Clinical definitions and study
WP5: Training and clinical use
WP6: Dissemination and exploitation

Structure of the work plan and main relationship between different WPs.
Arrows show reciprocal flows of information.

ClinicIMPPACT | Project Workplan
ClinicIMPPACT | Project Workflow

ClinicIMPPACT Workflow

Development of the clinical RFA simulation tool is a challenging task as it has to implement a complex patient specific physiological model in real-time whilst providing the IR with an ergonomically adjusted GUI. This requires substantial technological development supported by a large amount of patient data required for rigorous evaluation of the tool. Additionally, the clinical relevance of the developed tool is central to the project work plan. The project workflow is thus specifically tailored to provide an optimal developmental regime while keeping the developmental risks low.

ClinicIMPPACT | Project Workflow